Wednesday, April 27, 2011


skirt: Anthro clearance
button up: Pac Sun
platforms: Jeffery Campbell from Nordstrom Rack
belt, earrings: Target

Confession. I love the show Glee. Love love. I just finished watching last night's episode on Hulu. It was on accepting the parts of you that you hate. Well, I have a very noticible mole on my face, by my mouth. I've had it forever and I hated it growing up. Oh, I was so self conscious about it and dreamed of having it removed when I grew up. This was the late 80s early 90s and adults would tell me that it was like the supermodel Cindy Crawford. I would just think to myself, "Yeah and it's ugly on her too" I can remember my dad telling me that they are beauty marks and they show up on your body to mark where you are beautiful. I still hated it.
The thing is, people are right. As I grew up I accepted my beauty mark and even like how it makes me different. Some things you just figure out in time.


  1. That skirt is fan-tastic and I love your shoes!


  2. You look gorgeous, the skirt and shirt are a perfect match - love the first photo!


    Miri's Castle

  3. Cindy (wink, wink), I freaked out when these images loaded. What an incredible outfit from head to toe! Kinda salivating over that Anthro sale skirt..

  4. That skirt is adorable, and I love it paired with the shoes you have on! Super cute!

    Good for you for overcoming a childhood 'insecurity'. I still remember a kid in elementary school telling me that I had "hairy arms", and thinking that I'd never find a boyfriend if I didn't shave them. But somehow, I found a man who doesn't care a bit about my arms...or the fact that I don't do dishes. :)