Thursday, April 28, 2011

riding a real train

dress: Lauren Conrad clearance
cardigan: GAP sale
tights: Target
boots: Steve Madden clearance

I rode all over the bay area today on the train. Had I not had my library book with me I would have gone crazy. An hour train ride to the city for a 10 minute bang trim. If the guy who cuts my hair wasn't so darn good at what he does I would find a place closer to home. After my 2 second trim I hopped back on BART for the hour long ride back to the East Bay. But I got on the wrong train. Well, the train I was on my fine but I didn't registrer that I would need to change trains until I was a good 15 minutes beyond that point. So I got off, made my way to the other platform and 2 trains and 30 minutes later I was back at my car.

Just tell me my hair looks fabulous and the 3 hours on the train was totally worth the quarter centimeter he took off my bangs.


  1. Diggin' those boots girl... and I've gotta check out Kohls for Lauren Conrad's stuff!


  2. So pretty! Love your dress!


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  3. thank you ladies!
    Yeah, Lauren Conrad's line has cute stuff now and again :)